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OFA-P Series Optical Fixed Attenunators

OFA-P Series Optical Fixed Attenunators

Special Features
+ Fast Delivery : TheFibers's lead time is al ways within 1-3 days (Max.1week).
+ All Kind of Attenuators : PC/APC, SM/MM, Plug/In-Line, SC/FC/ST/LC/MTRJ,
  1dB to 30dB.
+ Complied with Telcordia (GR-910-CORE and GR-1221-CORE).
+ Vidual Test All by 800X : Three Times (After Polishing, Before Assembly,
  Before Delivery)
+ 100% Geometrical Inspection : Radius(10-25mm/PC), Offset(0-50um), Fiber
  Height(+/-50nm)High Optical Power Endurance up to 1000mW(=1W)
  All Premium Type / Over 500 matings

Ordering Information
P/N: OFA-P-SU-S050-P
OFA: Optical Fixed Attenuator
P: Male-Female Type
S: Singlemode 9/125um (M: Multimode 50/125um, G: 62.5/125um)
050: Attenuation 5dB (example, 100:10dB, 150:15dB, 200:20dB)
P: Premium Grade

Note : Basically, all attenuator types of Thefibers are the Premium, Zirconia Sleeve, Doped attenuation fiber type and are well suited for fiber amplifier, DWDM and telecommunications equipment.

Attenuation Value                                  0.5dB ~ 30dB
Return Loss
UPC                                 >55dB
APC                                 >65dB
Attenuation Accuracy
1 ~ 7 dB                          ¡¾ 0.5dB
8 ~ 12 dB                        ¡¾ 0.7dB
13 ~ 17 dB                       ¡¾ 1.0dB
13 ~ 17 dB                       ¡¾ 1.0dB
Maximum Optical Input Power                   1000mW
Polarization Dependent Loss                     ¡Â 0.1dB
Operating Temperature Range                   -40 to 75 ¡É
Storage Temperature Range                     -40 to 85 ¡É
Humidity                                                   95%RH

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