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FTS Fiber Thermal Stripper

FTS Fiber Thermal Stripper
  • * Very usefully device to strip coated fiber in FTTH
  • * Hand-held type Thermal Stripper
  • * Easy One Hand Operating
  • * Economic Price but High Strip-Quality
  • * No Fiber Scratch/Crack after stripping
  • * Safety Heating Controller
  • * High Performance Stripping Structure
  • * Available for Single Fiber and Ribbon Fiber
  • * Typical cell phone travel charger
  • * Anti-slip Grip Design
  • * Complied with RoHS
  • *CE/FCC approved
Brand Name / Part Number FTS-900 FTS-250 FTS-RF
Applicable Fiber Type 900um Fiber 250um Fiber 12-Ribbon Fiber
Coating Range Stripped 900/250um 250um 400/250um
Heating Range Ceramic Heater 70 ~ 140 (max)
Fiber Strip Length (max) 35mm
Stripping Time 1 ~ 2 sec. (max) 1
Input DC 4.2V 750mA TTA 24-Pin Charger2
Battery 3.7V 2200mA Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Running Time Approx. 4 hours
Power of Charger 110/220V@50/60Hz
Charging Time 4 hours
Dimension 150(l) x 25/45(w) 3 x 15(t) mm
Weight 150g (including Battery)

1. After Warm Up (Warm Up Time: about 30 sec.)
2. Typical cell phone 24-pin Charger
3. 25mm for Hand-held part, 45mm for Stripping part

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