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Fiber Checker Visual Fault Locator

Fiber Checker Visual Fault Locator

Special Features

+ Visual Fault Locator is used for locating broken point in fibers
+ Visual Fault Locator is equipped with a 650nm visible laser diode
+ Can be operated in continuous or pulse modes for clear noticeable
+ One green LED indicator shows the operating mode
+ Power switch on the end for battery on / off
+ Push button operate CW / Mod. (2-3 Hz frequency) / pause

Central Wavelength 650 +/- 5 nm
Fiber Compatibility Multimode and Singlemode
Output Power >0.5 mW(-3dBm) into Single-mode fiber
Output Port Universal accept any connector with 2.5mm ferrule
Output Mode Continuous or flashing (2-3Hz)
Spectral Width < 10 nm
Transmission CW or 2.5 Hz pulse
Batteries 2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline; 40 hours typical in continuous mode
Operating Temp. 0¡É to 40 ¡É 0 to 95 ¡É RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temp. -20¡É to +60¡É 0 to 95 ¡É RH (non-condensing)
Detection Distance < 3 Km
Dimension / Weight 13.5(dia) mm X 146(length) mm / 80g (include battery)
Light Source Class 3A laser diode

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