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Huxsaver™ 3G Core Saving Module

Huxsaver™ 3G Core Saving Module   

TM  is 2G/3G Optical Repeater Core Saving Module for WCDMA which is 3 Generation Mobile Telecommunication. It means there is no need additional Fiber Core / Line for 3G Donor because it could be multiplexed and demultiplexed by HUXSaverTM on your existing optical fiber main core used for 2G Donor like below picture.
TM  is designed by specially coated TheFibers' Filter for both of 2G (wavelength 1310 and 1550nm) and 3G (wavelength 1510nm, 1530nm and 1570nm). It has high isolation (more than 30dB) but it could be supplied according to your application requested specification like A) type below.
TM  is supplied by 19” Rack Mountable 1 Unit and LGX compatible. Maximum 4 LGX Modules could be put on this 1 Unit and this Unit has Optical Cable Tray to manage the cable safely on upper side separately. The LGX Module could be put on your Remote by screw easily.

Special Features
+ Cost Saving of Lease of Optical Fiber Line
+ Consisted Donor Shelf and Remote Shelf
+ 19” Rack Mountable 1 Unit for Donor
+ LGX Compatible for Remote
+ Fully Optical Passive Module Free Power
+ Small Evaluation Order acceptable
+ Fast Delivery within 1-2 weeks always

Parameter Specification
Model HUXSaver TM
Common port Center Wavelength 1310/1510/1530/1550/1570nm
Pass port Center Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Reflect port Center Wavelength ◆¹ 1510/1530/1570nm
Bandwidth                         1310nm                                         1510nm                                         1530nm                                         1550nm                                         1570nm 1290 - 1350nm
1503 - 1517nm
1523 - 1537nm
1543 - 1557nm
1563 - 1577nm
Insertion Loss ◆²               Pass Port
< 0.8dB (Max)
< 0.8dB (Max)
Adjacent Port Isolation ◆³   Pass Port
                                       Reflect Port
> 30dB (Min)
> 30dB (Min)
Optical Return Loss > 50dB (Min)
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤ 0.1 dB
Ripple < 0.5dB (Max)
Band Rejection > 30dB (Min)
Wavelength Thermal Stability 3pm/ ℃
Optical Gain Thermal Stability ± 0.002dB/ ℃
Operating Temperature -20 to 70 ℃
Dimension ◆⁴ 483(w)x44(h)x400(d)mm/Unit 70(w)x15(h)x150(d)mm/Module
◆¹  The wavelength could be designed according to your application.
◆²  This Insertion Loss is included all connector loss.
◆³  The low Isolation module is available by more than 15dB to save cost.
◆⁴The Dimension could be changed according to your application requests.

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